Income Tax Preparation

We are proud to offer discounted Professional  Income Tax Preparation Services for all of our Financial Planning clients.  One of our primary goals is to simplify our clients lives by providing a 1-stop tax service which is an integral part of most of our clients overall financial plans.

Our firm processes an average of 750 income tax returns each season, and we are able to answer any and all of your tax questions year round. We can run income tax projections at any time, illustrating additional income (such as an IRA withdrawal or social security benefits received), as well as tax deductions (such as a traditional IRA contribution). We are happy to review previous years returns as well. Please contact our office if you would like additional information regarding our tax preparation services.


What should I bring to my tax appointment?

  1. Income Statements: Including W-2's, 1099's, Unemployment, Gambling Winnings & Losses, Alimony, Pension Statements, Bank Interest, etc.
  2. Social Security Cards/Numbers: For both yourself and dependents
  3. Daycare: Provider's EIN Number and address
  4. Rentals: Income and Expenses
  5. Student Loans: Interest Payments
  6. Continuing Education Expenses: 1098T and Account Summary
  7. Want direct Deposit? Please provide your bank account number and routing number
  8. Charity: All Statements containing contributions
  9. Itemize? Bring statement from mortgage company
  10. Sold Stock or Other Capital Assets? Need the cost of the item & sale price
  11. New Clients: Please bring a copy of last year's return
  12. Driver's License: Required for all return types and especially bank products.
  13. Anything else you deem important; it can't hurt to just bring it in!